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I Am Sending You

Tim Keller |  March 30, 2008

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  • Prophecy
  • Hope
  • The Bible
John 20:19-22; Luke 24:36-49
RS 201-7

John 20:19–22; Luke 24:36–49

Believing in Jesus Christ’s resurrection changes us completely. It gives us a peek into what’s coming next, prepares us for our mission here on earth, and equips us with what we need. Jesus taught that everything predicted about him in the Law, Prophets, and Psalms had to happen. He helps us understand these teachings, urges us to share these truths, and reassures us that God’s promise of power will arrive if we wait patiently.

1. The risen Christ shows us the future

After Jesus came back from the dead, he gave us a sneak peek of what’s in store for us. His new body was unlike anything the ancient Greeks and Romans could have imagined, yet it was still pretty ordinary, which was a surprise to the Jews. His spiritual body could do things normal bodies can’t, hinting at what our future bodies might be capable of, like heightened senses and the ability to perceive things we can’t right now. This future promises an ordinary but also extraordinary life, filled with familiar things like walking, dancing, singing, and eating, but all within God’s kingdom with Jesus.

2. The risen Christ sends us into the world

Jesus stated his role as a missionary and invited us to join him. He wanted to fix the world from the damage caused by sin, both physically and spiritually. This mission, which is unique to Christianity, values both the soul and the body and aims to bring healing and justice in every part of life. Unlike some views, we don’t want to escape from this world, but instead, we want to transform it, giving hope for the ordinary things in life and a future full of joy.

3. The risen Christ gives us what we need for the mission

The resurrection of Jesus gives us a deep sense of hope. His greeting, “Peace be unto you,” reassures us that our future is bright. This hope, grounded in the certainty of Jesus’s resurrection, can change our current lives and give us the strength to overcome any temporary struggles. Jesus’s scars, his gift of salvation, and the transformation of our past all contribute to this living hope, which provides direction, purpose, and the ability to face any challenge.



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