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I Sing in the Shadow of Your Wings

Tim Keller |  June 20, 1999

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Psalm 63:1-11
RS 105-02

Understanding Psalm 63:1–11

This summer, we’ll be learning about the spirituality of Jesus as seen in the Lord’s Prayer. Each week, we’ll focus on a different phrase. Let’s look at “Hallowed be thy name”. It means seeing and adoring something as incredibly special. Psalm 63, a song written by David, gives us insights into this kind of adoration and praise.

1. The strength it gives

David’s life shows us that admitting our mistakes can help us rediscover our purpose and who we are, especially when we worship and adore God. Worship helps us see our problems differently and rethink what makes us truly happy. The key is to find comfort, change, and strength in God’s love, not in what other people think of us.

2. The components of it

Loving God in this special way might take extra effort and has four parts: remembering, valuing, expressing, and enjoying. We should understand and appreciate God’s qualities, much like we would express love for a person. We should find joy in praising Him. Praise is not just asking God for things but valuing and desiring Him for who He is.

3. The secret to it

David discovered God’s unchanging love, which the Hebrews called “checed”. This love, shown through Jesus’ journey in the desert and His death on the cross, can touch our hearts and lead us to true adoration. By seeing God’s power, glory, grace, mercy, and wisdom in the cross, our lives can be changed. We’re encouraged to spend time adoring God, with so many holy moments still to come before we reach heaven.



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