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Infallible Joy

Tim Keller |  April 2, 2017

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John 16:16-27
RS 375-02


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Sermon Summary

Jesus imparts a distinct happiness to His disciples, serving as a vital instrument for life’s journey. This joy, unlike the conventional comprehension of bliss, is independent of circumstances and is inevitable. It requires thoughtfulness and prayerfulness, embodying five key aspects as revealed in the Bible.

1. Christian joy is inevitable

Jesus extends a profound joy, unlike the fleeting contentment found in worldly pleasures. While sorrow may momentarily overshadow this joy, it remains unextinguished, deeply rooted within the heart. It is an enduring, untouchable joy, promised by Jesus himself and presented as the essence of the kingdom of God in the Holy Spirit.

2. Christian joy isn’t circumstantial

Christian joy, as portrayed by Jesus, is independent of circumstances and can coexist with sorrow. It is akin to the jubilation a woman feels after childbirth, which doesn’t erase the pain but helps surmount it. Unlike worldly joy, Christian joy deepens one’s relationship with God, enabling them to navigate through sorrow without becoming bitter or despondent, as it is anchored in their relationship with Jesus, not their circumstances.

3. Christian joy is thoughtful

Christian joy is thoughtful and not dependent on circumstances, originating from a profound grasp of the Gospel and the victory of the Cross. It is not about avoiding pain, but rather contemplating our faith and its implications. The knowledge that God created the world in joy, sacrificed greatly, and promises a perfect world in the end, provides a peace and joy that surpasses comprehension, showcasing the intelligent tranquility offered by Christianity.

4. Christian joy is prayerful

Praying in Jesus’ name signifies approaching God with humility and confidence, not on our own merits but because of Jesus’ sacred name. This perspective assures us that God sees us as He sees His son, and will answer our prayers as if Jesus Himself were asking, fostering immense confidence and happiness in prayer. As we pray, we should remember that God, our loving Father, desires what is best for us.

5. Christian joy is wonderful

The concept of joy is deepened by understanding the sacrifices Jesus Christ made for us. Drawing parallels to a woman’s labor pains, Jesus’ suffering and death are likened to the pain of giving life, indicating that he willingly endured immense suffering for the joy of humanity’s salvation. Recognizing that we are the joy set before Him, and marveling at His sacrifice, can lead us to a profound, unshakeable joy.



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