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Integrity (9th)

Tim Keller |  January 21, 1990

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  • Christian Living and Obedience
Psalm 15, 16
RS 1-12

Psalm 15:1–5; 16:1–11

In our world, where lying seems to be so prevalent, it’s difficult to always tell the truth. But the ninth commandment encourages us to be honest. This honesty has to start with us – recognizing our own untruths and asking God for help. Psalms 15 and 16 teach us about this – and they also show us the difference between real honesty and pretending to be honest.

1. The opposite of honesty is dishonesty

Telling the truth is very important. Each word we say matters, and we’re responsible for what we say. When we lie, we harm our relationships and may even feel alone and worried. Lying shows a lack of love and can trap us. However, if we keep our promises, we find freedom.

2. The fake version of honesty is hypocrisy

Honesty, which we talked about in the sermon, involves being truthful and consistent in all parts of life. The sermon pointed out how important honesty is in leadership roles, promoting trust and fairness. It also criticized how some people in the world view leadership without honesty. The sermon ended by reminding us to rely on God and seek truth and honesty through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.



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