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Introduction to the Ten Commandments

Tim Keller |  September 24, 1989

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  • The Ten Commandments
  • Christian Living and Obedience
Ephesians 2:14-22
RS 1-01

Deuteronomy 4:8–14

In our world today, old things like the Ten Commandments are often overlooked. However, Jesus Christ reminded us of their value, saying they’re the building blocks for our lives and society. The Ten Commandments, when understood properly, give us a strong guide for living a meaningful life that reflects God’s character, which is what our souls are created to do.

1. People often miss that obeying the Law is about being close to God

The Law God gave the Israelites after Egypt wasn’t a ticket to heaven, but a map to a closer relationship with Him. It’s like a father teaching his son how to grow up. The point isn’t to follow rules for rules’ sake, but to express our love and thankfulness to God. This attitude of obedience changes us, making us likable and relatable, showing our close relationship with Him.

2. Obeying always leads to freedom, not being trapped

Real freedom doesn’t mean doing whatever we want, but understanding and living according to how God designed us. We find out how we’re designed, not by listening to our fickle hearts, but by reading the Bible, our ‘instruction manual’. This idea of looking to our Creator for true freedom and strength applies to everyone, as seen in how the abolition movement questioned their obedience to God’s Word.

3. People think obedience is about how we act, but the Bible says it’s about the heart

The goal of the Law is to change our hearts, not just our actions. This change happens when we accept Christ and let the Holy Spirit guide us, growing qualities like honesty, love, and peace within us. It’s crucial to reflect on how we’re following God and ask Him to help us change where needed. And we should remember that it’s Christ’s perfect life, not our effort, that saves us.



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