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Jesus as King: The King of Hearts

Tim Keller |  January 23, 1994

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  • Christian Living and Obedience
2 Corinthians 10:1-6
RS 46-13

2 Corinthians 10:1–6

Paul’s teachings point out the difference between Christ’s mildness and his own shyness, encouraging believers to choose God’s values over the world’s. He stresses the use of God’s power, not earthly tools, to defeat obstacles and refute arguments that go against God’s knowledge. This helps us understand Jesus’s role as King, not only in the spiritual lives of his followers but also in the grand scheme of history.

1. Implicitly

We look into the idea of obeying Jesus Christ as King, focusing on His total control and the need for total obedience in every part of life. We also talk about moral power, creation versus chance, and the rights of creators over what they have made. The idea is that while people have moral rights over what they create, they should respect a higher power when it comes to things they didn’t create. It’s important to acknowledge the creator and give every part of life to them, understanding that real freedom comes from being governed by a rightful King instead of being oppressed.

2. Explicitly

Jesus’ kingship is marked by a gentle winning over of our hearts, wanting our love and dedication rather than forcing obedience. The core of Christianity is not about doing good out of fear, but about doing good because we genuinely love God’s commands. This requires a personal relationship with God that’s more than just obeying rules. It’s important to look closely at our beliefs, understand that all our choices are based on these beliefs, and know that Christianity gives a complete understanding of reality. We are encouraged to approach God with logical thinking and modesty.



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