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Jesus as Prophet (Part 1)

Tim Keller |  January 9, 1994

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  • Prophecy
Acts 3:17-26
RS 46-09

Acts 3:17–26

It’s very important to see Jesus as a prophet, a priest, and a king to completely understand what Christianity is about. We must accept Jesus as a Savior who shows us truth, as a Priest who connects us with God, and as a King who rules over us. It can be tough for some to see Jesus as more than just a prophet, but it’s essential to grasp his full character.

1. What are prophets?

Prophets are like God’s messengers. They don’t just share their own thoughts, they share God’s words. This idea comes straight from the Bible. Christianity says there is one truth, which is different from other beliefs like naturalism and pantheism that don’t have a single truth. Some people might not accept this because they want to be their own boss, but others find comfort and certainty in Jesus and the Bible. It’s very important to accept Jesus’ word as the ultimate truth, and there are serious consequences if we don’t.

2. Why is Jesus the ultimate Prophet?

Jesus is the ultimate Prophet because he’s not just someone who was prophesied about, but he points to himself as the way to God. While other prophets show us parts of God’s holiness and love, Jesus shows us the full picture. It was on the cross that he showed God’s glory, love, and holiness perfectly balanced. Only through Jesus can we truly see God and find the way to Him.



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