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Jesus Our King

Tim Keller |  December 12, 1993

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  • God the Father
Psalm 2
RS 46-02

Understanding Psalm 2

Psalm 2 is a short but deep part of the Bible that teaches us important truths about God. It talks about how some people, including powerful leaders, don’t fully understand or accept God’s greatness and His chosen One. The Psalm also shows how people often choose not to follow God, the true King. But, in the end, it encourages us to rely on God and find happiness in serving and respecting Him.

1. There is a true King

Our fascination with kings and queens, whether in old stories or new ones, shows our deep desire for a wise, kind, and fair ruler. Even though earthly rulers often disappoint us, the Bible tells us about a supreme King who is everything we hope for. The main message of Christianity is about this ultimate King, Jesus. If we don’t accept Him, we end up following false gods that can only harm us.

2. We resist the King

Deep inside, every person naturally rebels against God, our true King. We want to be in control of our lives, and this causes problems in our relationships and in our lives as a whole. This rebellion can show up as doubt, wrong actions, or even through trying to be good or religious in our own strength. Realizing this about ourselves is a sign that God’s Spirit is working in our lives.

3. We depend on the King

At the heart of it all, we need to admit our need for Jesus and find joy in following Him. We need to find safety in Him, not in anything else. This means choosing to live for Him, like a musician who commits to practicing the piano. It’s crucial to let Jesus be the King of our lives, trusting Him in good times and hard times. That’s how we can truly live a blessed life.



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