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John Meets Jesus

Tim Keller |  April 27, 1997

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  • The Bible
John 20:3-9;21:18-24
RS 75-4


We’ve been looking at the people Jesus met and dealt with after his resurrection in the resurrection narratives in Luke. And now we’re going to be looking at them in John.

Before we begin in the Gospel of John, I think it’s fair to pose two questions to you. First, why should you trust these accounts? Why should you trust and why can you trust they are telling you what happened? And secondly, why should you care what they say?

John 20:1–10

When we look at the stories of Jesus’ resurrection in Luke’s and John’s gospels, we might wonder, “Can we believe these? Why do they matter?” The Gospel of John is written by someone who claims he was there. He includes small, detailed parts of the story, like how there was a race to the tomb or exactly how many fish were caught. These details seem to be based on real memories, not just made up. This makes the stories trustworthy and worth thinking about.

2. Why should you care?

Choosing to follow Jesus is more than just a simple decision. It changes you deeply and causes you to see things in a new way. Faith involves both our minds and our hearts, and it’s best lived out with others. It also means admitting our own faults and weaknesses so we can fully understand the good news of the gospel. This huge change in how we see life is necessary to truly understand God’s truth.


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