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Joy – Overcoming Boredom

Tim Keller |  February 11, 1990

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  • Justification
  • The Holy Spirit
John 16:16-22
RS 208-03

Romans 5:1–11

The Bible tells us there’s a difference between a heart controlled by rules and one that’s been changed by God Himself. The Holy Spirit can truly change our hearts, not by our own power, but through God’s power. In the next few weeks, we’re going to talk about what a heart changed by God looks like, starting with the idea of joy, as shown in Romans 5:1-11, and how Christian joy is special, different, and comes from God.

1. Joy is important

Paul’s teachings highlight a unique part of Christianity: we’re accepted by God and blessed, not because of anything we’ve done, but because we believe in Jesus. True Christian life is marked by joy, which is a key part of life. Some smart people may say seeking happiness is pointless and disappointing, but if we only seek calm and ignore joy, we lose a part of what makes us human.

2. Christian joy is unique

Christian joy isn’t the same as worldly happiness. It doesn’t depend on things going well but can exist even when we’re facing trouble. This joy comes from our relationship with God and the hope we have for the future. It’s important to pray and experience God’s love because true joy comes only from Him, not from things or blessings in this world.

3. Where Christian joy comes from

Christian joy comes from understanding the gospel’s message about how we’ve done wrong and how Jesus suffered for us. When we realize the huge debt we owed and the danger we were in, which Jesus took on for us, we find a joy that never fades. When we think about Jesus’ sacrifice, we can feel God’s love and find joy no matter what, because no other problem is as big as the sin-debt that’s been paid off.



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