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Lessons in Worship

Tim Keller |  January 27, 1991

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John 4:16-30
RS 11-15

John 4:15–30

When Jesus met the Samaritan woman at the well, she wanted the living water He talked about and she knew He was a prophet. This meeting helps us see what real worship is – it’s not about being in a certain place, but about truly connecting with God, in honesty and in spirit. It shows us that we all have a deep need to connect with God in a real way.

1. What is worship?

Worship is all about recognizing the true value or “worth” of something, which can change how we think and act. Like how we treat valuable things or invest in a house, understanding the real value of worship can inspire us to change. Worshiping God can help us become brave, generous, and see things in a more clear and hopeful way.

2. Why do we worship?

Worship is a basic part of being human and it can bring out the best in us. God wants us to worship Him, not for His sake, but for ours. It can free us from worry and help us grow up in our faith. In the end, we’re all meant to look beyond our everyday problems and connect with God through worship.

3. How do we worship?

God wants our love, not to limit us, but because we often want less than what He can give. Real worship isn’t tied to a place and it’s made possible through Jesus, who changed what worship means with His sacrifice. When we understand how valuable God is, we change and want to honor Him. Through this practice, we find understanding, happiness, and satisfaction in God’s presence.



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