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Letter on Mission

Tim Keller |  June 13, 1993

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  • Suffering
  • Hope
Revelation 3:7-13
RS 41-07

Revelation 3:7–13

When we read Revelation and its letters to the churches in Asia Minor, we see how Christians prepared for upcoming tough times. History tells us that Christians quoted Revelation when confronted by authorities, refusing to honor the emperor over God. This shows the strength they gained from these truths. By understanding the door, key, and pillar symbols in Revelation, we too can become stronger and able to handle any difficulty.

1. The door

Jesus tells the struggling church in Philadelphia that He loves them and their Christian message has a chance to flourish, even though they’re small and not powerful. It seems that suffering for Christians has a purpose. If managed well with patience, tough times can open new doors, leading to more wisdom, depth, and compassion. However, we must remember that suffering should lead to growth, not bitterness and damage.

2. The key

Hardship, a part of every human’s life, can be a tool for self-discovery and understanding what truly matters. When we endure tough times, we realize our weaknesses and the shaky grounds we often rely on. This is a mercy from God. Jesus’ experience, feeling abandoned but still pushing through, gives us hope and meaning in our own struggles.

3. The pillar

Accepting that God has the right to shut certain paths in our lives is key to becoming strong in faith. By recognizing our need for guidance, like children do, we can trust God’s wisdom for our lives. Knowing that our suffering has a purpose and will ultimately end because of what Jesus did, allows us to become pillars of faith, full of hope.



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