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Life in Christ’s Body

Tim Keller |  April 24, 1994

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  • The Bible
  • Christian Living and Obedience
1 Peter 4:7-11
RS 251-11


“The end is near. Therefore, be clear minded, sober, love one another, serve.” Let’s look at what this verse teaches in both its form and its content, because it’s very striking and very practical.

1 Peter 4:7–11

Understanding that Jesus is coming back soon and living based on God’s unchanging truths is the key message here. Instead of picking only the parts of the Bible that fit current trends, we should let the Bible guide our lives, promoting honesty and love. As Christians, our biggest concern should be not living out our love and thankfulness to God. This is not out of fear, but out of a wish to know God more and experience His love, which in turn leads us to turn away from wrong and obey His word.



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