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Lifestyle of Self-Mastery (Part 2)

Tim Keller |  February 4, 1996

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  • Christian Living and Obedience
James 3:1-12
RS 266-12

James 3:1–12

James teaches us about the importance of our words, especially if we have a leadership role in the church. He uses great examples to show how damaging unthoughtful words can be, comparing the tongue to a tiny spark that can start a big fire. His teachings remind us to think before we speak and give us tips on how to fix harmful ways of talking.

1. The power of words

Words have huge power. They can change lives and can be used for good or bad. Because words have such a lasting effect, we need to be careful how we use them. They show our true selves. By being careful with our words, we can build up our character and guide our hearts toward what is good.

2. The use of words

The tongue has the power to either lift people up or tear them down, and it often shows what a person really understands and believes about the gospel. The Sonship course asks believers to avoid negative talk for a week. This can reveal if we have a habit of justifying ourselves and putting others down. Accepting the truth that Jesus sacrificed himself for us removes the need to defend ourselves and encourages us to listen and speak the truth kindly.

3. How do you heal your words?

Words are powerful and sometimes we need to heal the way we speak. It doesn’t make sense to praise God and then say bad things about others with the same tongue. The only way to fix this is to keep praising God and remember that we are His loved children. When we focus on Jesus’ love, our words can become a way to build up and bless others instead of tearing them down.



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