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Listening to the Word

Tim Keller |  September 7, 2008

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Psalm 19:1-14
RS 204-3

Understanding Psalm 19:1–14

Psalm 19 is like a roadmap to interacting with the Bible. It answers the question “How do I truly receive and use God’s word?” It highlights the significance of God’s word in our lives and why we should pay attention to it. The goal is to help us connect more deeply with the lessons in the Bible.

1. The importance of hearing from God

In Psalm 19, nature beautifully reflects God’s magnificence, but it doesn’t fully reveal who God is. It’s like trying to understand someone by looking at their picture. Nature’s silent messages can be misunderstood, highlighting the need for God’s spoken words to satisfy our spiritual hunger and answer our deepest questions. Even a little bit of God’s word has more value than all the wealth in the world. While nature gives us clues about God, it’s God’s word that gives life to our soul.

2. Why we need God’s words

To truly grasp God’s love and kindness, we need to dive into the Bible. Some people think of God as only a symbol of love, but nature, history, or other religious texts do not support this idea. The Bible teaches us about love and urges us to stay firm in our faith. It also talks about how reading the Bible can refresh our soul, with Jesus Christ being the ultimate example of obedience and self-sacrifice. We can’t save ourselves through our actions, but through God’s kindness, and understanding and accepting what Jesus Christ has done for us is the heart of the gospel message, which is best communicated through words.



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