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Lord of the City

Tim Keller |  January 7, 2001

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  • Cities
Genesis 10:31-11:9
RS 122-10

Looking at Genesis 10:31–11:9

When we look at Genesis, we see how important cities are in our lives. They’re where a lot of people live and work, and they influence so many things. The Bible helps us understand why we need cities, what problems they can cause (like people trying to make themselves look good), and how God can heal those problems.

1. Why we need cities

Cities are places where people can come together. They’re centers of power, technology, and spirituality. Even though some people think of cities as places where a lot of wrong things happen, they also provide safety, fairness, and a chance for people to live together and help each other. The Bible even tells us that the future of the universe is a city, the Holy City, where Jesus Christ rules. This shows that cities, even with their problems, are important and helpful in our world.

2. The problems with cities

Cities can have problems because people sometimes want to make themselves look more important. They might want everyone to be the same or they might think too highly of things like money, power, or popularity. Cities are a good thing, but they can cause trouble if people forget who they really are.

3. How God helps cities

When God confused the languages at Babel, it was a way of stopping their pride but also a way to show them that being different can be good. When Jesus died outside the city, it was a sacrifice so we could belong to the city in heaven. There, we find our true value in God’s love, not in what we have or do. As members of that heavenly city, we can live in our cities here on earth in a better way. We can be free from prejudice and fear, and we can do what we’re meant to do effectively.



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