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Love and Forgiveness

Tim Keller |  May 8, 2016

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Romans 12:9-21
RS 366-02


Love and Forgiveness – Video Preview

Sermon Summary

The key concept explored is the significance of genuine love and heart transformation. Romans 12:9-21 outlines various love characteristics, including hating evil, devotion to others, practicing hospitality, and blessing persecutors. Growing the church and impacting the city necessitates not just numerical growth, but a sincere change in believers’ hearts and lives, with a spotlight on traits of a supernaturally changed heart, such as patience and forgiveness.

1. Patience and graciousness

Patience, grace, forgiveness, and love are essential virtues that should guide our interactions with others, especially during challenging times. Grumbling against God, characterized by scorn, self-pity, and anxiety, is a sin that undermines our trust in His divine plan. Drawing from CS Lewis’ “The Great Divorce,” we are reminded of the perils of self-centeredness and the importance of relinquishing personal ambitions in favor of grace and patience.

2. Love when someone wrongs you

Paul’s teachings stress the importance of responding to harm with goodness, rather than perpetuating a cycle of hurt. Holding onto anger distorts our perception of others and ourselves, leading to unhealthy relationships and a false sense of self-righteousness. The choice to overcome evil with good is a powerful tool in maintaining healthy relationships and personal integrity.

3. Where we get the power for this love

Anger can have detrimental effects, but responding with kindness, particularly by blessing and praying for those who have wronged us, can counteract this. Forgiveness is a conscious choice to refrain from revenge and let go of negativity, while confronting others should be done with humility and love, allowing space for divine judgment. Emulating Jesus’ patience, forgiveness, and love is encouraged, as it reflects His transformative power in our lives.



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