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Love and Truth

Tim Keller |  June 19, 2016

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Ephesians 4:14-15, 25-32
RS 366-08


Love and Truth – Video Preview

Sermon Summary

The essence of integrity and truth-telling within a Christian community is critical, as it signifies a transformation of character and a supernaturally modified heart. Truth-telling is not merely a moral obligation, but a fundamental component that unites people and enables society to function effectively. The exploration of integrity’s significance and its practical application in daily life is a paramount topic to delve into.

2. How to practice it

The intertwining of truth and love is crucial, as truth without love can be harsh and self-serving, while love without truth can lead to disempowerment. Words are not just assessed by their content, but also by the intention and purpose behind them. It’s vital to scrutinize the motives behind truth-telling, confirming they are not for personal gain or to harm others.

3. How we become people of integrity

Human beings often resort to dishonesty in their pursuit of approval, power, and control. However, the solution lies in forgiveness, which beautifully merges truth and love, necessitating us to acknowledge the wrongs committed and bear their cost out of love. The ultimate embodiment of this is Christ’s sacrifice on the cross, which offers us the approval, power, and control we seek, eliminating the need for deceit.



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