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Love Beyond Degree

Tim Keller |  December 17, 2006

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  • Glorification
  • Christmas and Advent
  • Jesus' Birth
Romans 8:28-39
RS 194-05

Romans 8:28–39

Christmas is a time of joy, reminding us that God acted to bring hope and healing to our broken world. This joy comes from three truths: the bad things in our life can lead to good, the best gifts we have are permanent, and the future holds even better things. These truths give us strength and joy, even when we’re sad or hurting.

1. Our bad things will turn out for good

Jesus started life in a humble way, faced many difficulties, but ended up bringing great spiritual riches and unity. This shows us that God can make good things come out of hard times. This doesn’t mean that pain is not serious or important – Jesus himself was deeply upset at his friend Lazarus’ death. But it does mean that God uses our struggles to shape us into better people, closer to His image. We might not always understand why things happen, like people didn’t understand why Jesus had to die, but we can trust that God will use everything for good in the end.

2. Our most truly good things can never be taken away from us

Christmas reminds us of God’s amazing gift of salvation, showing us that God came down to us, instead of us having to reach up to Him. Jesus being born in a humble place shows God’s mission to save those who can’t save themselves, offering them His love and rescue through His own suffering and sacrifice. The story of the Prodigal Son shows that God loves us before we do anything to earn it, that His love deepens when we mess up, and that nothing can separate us from this love.

3. Our best things are yet to come

Christians can be sure of a glorious future because Jesus sacrificed Himself for us. Believing in this future glory gives our lives meaning and victory, even when we’re suffering. It grounds us in God’s love and makes us more solid. The power of suffering to change us and God’s unending love are shown through stories and quotes, ending with a prayer for the ability to live with joy, even when we’re sad or hurting.



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