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Love’s Way With Others

Tim Keller |  May 5, 1996

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  • Christian Living and Obedience
1 Corinthians 13:1-13
RS 68-4

1 Corinthians 13:1–13

1 Corinthians 13 teaches us that love is more important than anything else, even miracles or prophecies. It reminds us not to mistake power for love and emphasizes the importance of experiencing love properly – loving others for who they are, not what they can do for us. This experience changes us, helping us to love better in our own lives.

1. You have to understand the true meaning of love

The tale of the farmer and the nobleman shows us that love is about selfless giving, which shows the real condition of our hearts. Even the largest acts mean nothing if they’re not done out of real love for God and others. We need to think about our desire for unconditional love, our struggle to give it, and the incredible power of love that makes us realize our need for it and our struggle to fully provide it.

2. You have to be embraced by the Man of love

Jesus Christ, who is both God and man, is love personified. This highlights our deep desire for unconditional love, which reflects God’s love for us. True love can only be found in God. It rejoices in truth and changes us when we take joy in the gospel, understand it, and deeply appreciate God’s perfect goodness. Only a heart changed by God’s mercy can truly love and worship Him for who He is.

3. Translate his power of love into a loving life of your own

Real love is a balance of patience, kindness, and necessary honesty, all supported by God’s grace. It’s a mix of truth and love. Love without truth is dishonest, and truth without love is not real. Only when we experience God’s love and approval can we truly love others for who they are. This frees us from needing others’ approval and allows us to love without fail.



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