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Made for Relationship

Tim Keller |  October 29, 2000

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  • Creation
Genesis 1:26-27; 2:18-25
RS 122-03

Genesis 1:26–27; 2:18–25

When we look at the first few chapters of Genesis, it’s clear that we as humans are made for relationships. We’re made in God’s image, which means we’re not supposed to be by ourselves. When God created a helper for Adam, a woman, it showed us how important it is to have someone with us. The Bible not only shows us that we need relationships, but also tells us what they should look like and how we can improve them. This is something unique to the Christian faith.

1. Why we need relationships

When God made humans, he used the plural, hinting at the Christian idea of the Trinity. This means that relationships are at the heart of everything, a concept unique to the Trinity, where relationships are the main thing, not a side thing. This tells us that we’re made in the image of a community, and our happiness comes from being in relationships, not from being alone.

2. What kind of relationships we need

True relationships are vital to who we are as humans, reflecting the close bond between the Father and the Son during creation, filled with love, joy, and fun. This challenges the usual image of God creating the world alone, showing instead the role of God’s Word and wisdom in the process. Real fulfillment and joy come from deep relationships and community, which help us to grow and understand ourselves and God better.

3. The key to getting the relationships

In the Garden of Eden, Adam and Eve had a relationship filled with love and honesty, but sin messed that up, bringing in shame and fear of being rejected. But through Jesus Christ, who took our sins and provides spiritual protection, we have the chance to get back to that original state of being loved and known without feeling ashamed. Believing in Christ not only restores our relationship with God but also gives us the power to build honest and fulfilling relationships with others.



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