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Many Convincing Proofs

Tim Keller |  October 12, 2003

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  • Doctrine
Acts 1:1-11
RS 171-06

Acts 1:1–11

Some might think that Christianity makes more sense for those in the past than it does for us today. But even in the beginning, in the Greco-Roman era, the ideas of Christianity were as baffling as they might be now. Luke wrote his accounts for Theophilus, a smart and educated man, to convince him about the truth of Christianity. The resurrection of Jesus was a key factor that led many to believe, showing us that truth can be found anywhere.

1. The truth is out there

Early Christians had a hard time accepting the idea that Jesus physically rose from the dead, as it was against everything they knew. However, this belief suddenly took root among hundreds of people, making us ponder about the other possible explanations for the emergence of Christianity. The faith is based on historic events and public evidence, and its validity is independent of our personal likes or dislikes.

2. The truth is up there

The idea of resurrection is not just about Jesus coming back to life. It’s about the deep significance of his actions. It tells us that we don’t earn salvation through our deeds but through Jesus’ sacrifice, freeing us from the fear of death. It also encourages us to be generous, fight against sickness, poverty, unfairness, and violence, and help bring God’s ultimate healing to the world.

3. The truth is in there

As Augustine said, “Oh Lord, you ascended before our eyes, and we turned back grieving only to find you in our hearts,” we understand that Jesus’ ascension and the giving of the Holy Spirit create a strong link to God. We see this power in Stephen, who was fearless and happy even when facing death. This power comes from the truth of the resurrection. The early Christians’ experiences encourage us to let the truth of the resurrection change us. The resurrection isn’t true because it works, it works because it’s true.



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