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Tim Keller |  March 23, 2008

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  • God the Father
  • Easter
  • Jesus' Death & Resurrection
John 20:1-3, 10-18
RS 201-6

John 20:1–3; 10–18

Believing in God, as Christians do, comes from faith. We see this faith in action when Mary Magdalene meets Jesus on Easter morning. This story shows us that faith is built on truth, gifted by grace, and driven by love.

1. Christian faith is built on truth

Jesus’ resurrection, as predicted in the Gospels, may seem hard to believe because of old perspectives and today’s scientific views. But the strong proof from Jesus’ appearances and eyewitness accounts challenges these doubts and makes us accept the reality of the resurrection. The bedrock of Christian faith is the truth of this resurrection, providing comfort in times of pain, failure, and death.

2. Christian faith is a gift of grace

Mary’s determined search for Jesus, despite not fully understanding, shows that being saved isn’t about what we do, but about the grace given to us. Jesus choosing Mary, a woman who society looked down on, as his first missionary proves that anyone can receive his salvation, no matter who they are or where they come from. His calling his disciples brothers shows the unity and grace his sacrifice brings, showing his love is for everyone, no matter what they believe or do.

3. Christian faith is driven by love

Mary’s strong love for Jesus, shown when she held onto him, is even less than the great love we can feel through the Holy Spirit, which Jesus promises to send after he goes to heaven. Unlike the disciples who tried to earn their place with God, Mary’s love came from understanding grace. We find our real purpose and who we are in knowing Jesus, as he invites us to accept his grace, take the names he gives us, and love and serve others.



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