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Tim Keller |  March 15, 1992

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  • Church Planting and Missions
  • Sanctification
John 17:13-19
RS 26-11

John 17:13–19

In John 17:13-19, Jesus’ prayer shows that a missionary, like a representative, is sent to both show and clear up misunderstandings, just like Jesus was sent to symbolize God and correct wrong ideas. Furthermore, a missionary’s job involves saving others, similar to how Jesus worked to heal the wounded and purify the sinful, motivated by love and truth. The mission’s features include its result – joy among believers, its strength – purification through truth, and its need – being sent into the world as Jesus was.

1. The outcome of a mission is always joy

The link between a mission and joy is crucial, shown by Jesus’ joyful acceptance of his mission to die for our sins. Lack of joy in our lives often comes from not having a purpose or mission, an idea that’s missing in a society that puts personal happiness first. But Christians, motivated by a divine mission, find joy and meaning in self-sacrifice and working for significant change, confirming that a mission is key to joy.

2. The strength for a mission comes from meeting God

Meeting God leads to deep change, pushing us to share blessings with others. This means stepping out of our comfort zones, showing vulnerability, like Abraham and Jesus Christ did, displaying this self-giving love. It’s only through such vulnerability that we can truly understand the wonder of Christ, accomplish our mission, and experience the joy that comes from meeting Him.

3. The necessity for a mission

Personal purity is crucial for effective mission work, as it mirrors Jesus Christ’s traits – bravery, kindness, honesty, boldness, modesty, and empathy. The Christian gospel spreads through the effect of one pure life on another, not through sermons or marketing strategies. It’s crucial to aim for godly lives, feel God’s love and forgiveness personally, and participate in missions that change the world, as this is our purpose and link to Jesus Christ.



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