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Money and the Power of the Spirit

Tim Keller |  June 27, 2010

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  • Stewardship, Generosity and Money
  • The Holy Spirit
Acts 4:29-37
RS 322-04

Acts 4:29–37

When believers were threatened and persecuted, they prayed for bravery to speak God’s word and perform miracles in Jesus’ name. Their prayers were answered with an obvious presence of the Holy Spirit, guiding them to fearlessly share God’s word and their belongings. This story shows the connection between deep spiritual experiences and the practical impacts on how we view money and possessions, in a world where talking about Jesus’ resurrection could get you into trouble.

1. What the text teaches us about spiritual experience

Spiritual experience goes beyond just knowing about God, it invites us to really feel and experience His goodness. A well-rounded Christian journey avoids focusing only on emotional highs and power or just on religious rules and routines. The Holy Spirit is key to making high-level truths accessible. The spiritual journey includes both strong experiences of God and times when God seems distant, as shown by the influential letters of John Newton, who wrote “Amazing Grace.”

2. The impact of the text on the way we regard our money and possessions

The Holy Spirit’s influence leads to a deep sense of generosity among believers, creating unity and breaking down social barriers. This extreme sharing goes beyond what Greek philosophy would allow, encouraging deep friendships among people of the same social status. The apostles’ believable accounts of Jesus’ resurrection, along with God’s grace, allow those who are spiritually poor to become rich, showing the importance of living out the gospel through our actions.



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