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Moses’ Prayer for God

Tim Keller |  October 14, 2007

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Exodus 33:12-23; 34:5-8
RS 198-3


We are looking at a series of case studies of prayer and spiritual encounters we find in the Bible. This message explores maybe one of the most famous and also one of the most astonishing prayers and answers in the Bible — an encounter between God and Moses.

What’s going on with this prayer? The answer is profound. We will examine 1) Moses’ prayer for our glory; 2) Moses’ prayer for God’s glory; 3) God’s answer to all of the prayers.

Exodus 33:12–23; 34:5–8

The story of Moses asking to see God’s glory and God’s response is a powerful one. It shows us how different the Bible’s view of spirituality is from what most people think of when they hear words like ‘meditation’ and ‘contemplation’. The story also tackles tough subjects: the effect of our wrong choices, how those effects can be felt by future generations, and why knowing God is more important than any success we could have in this world. Above all, it speaks to our deep desire to lead a life that truly matters and to see the beautiful heart of God. The story points us to Jesus Christ, who is the perfect picture of God’s glory and the source of our forgiveness and life change.




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