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Myth Became Fact

Tim Keller |  October 21, 1990

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John 1:14-18
RS 11-04

John 1:14–18

The idea that God came to earth as a person, Jesus Christ, is not just a religious belief. It has a real impact on how we understand life, giving it depth, purpose, and beauty. This story echoes the same pattern we see in many myths, where a hero goes away and then comes back to rescue his people. This is a reflection of our human tendency to want to be in charge, which often leads to trouble. When people interact with God, it can sometimes create tension because God’s focus is different from ours. But when we encounter God’s powerful presence and glory, it can change us. So, it’s important to seek out God, even if it’s difficult. And in the end, we’re left with a sense of needing forgiveness and a desire to see more of God’s glory.



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