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New Life in Christ

Tim Keller |  February 25, 1990

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  • The Holy Spirit
Matthew 5:7-12
RS 5-4

Matthew 5:7–12

The Beatitudes, especially the idea of having a pure heart, tell us about finding and enjoying a fresh start with Jesus. Being born again isn’t a long process, but a single moment when the Holy Spirit becomes part of us, resulting in extraordinary, godly changes. This spiritual rebirth is meant to bring us into God’s kingdom, under His rule, causing deep changes in every part of our lives. It’s a sign of a deep internal change, affecting our mind, emotions, and spirit.

1. What does it mean to have a pure heart?

In Christianity, having a pure heart means more than just changing our behaviors or beliefs; it requires a deep change in the very center of our thoughts, emotions, and actions. This change means focusing solely on God and avoiding distractions like the pursuit of power, love, or control that can get in the way of our service to God and our happiness. A pure heart comes from getting rid of these distractions, admitting we can’t save ourselves, and making God the center of our lives, leading to a clear conscience, freedom from guilt, and happiness.

2. Being nice or being new?

We see a difference between “nice people” who only scratch the surface of truth, and “new people” who seek transformation through God’s Word. It’s important to have high hopes for God’s work in us, to be humble, and to deepen our understanding of God. For true renewal, we should aim for purity, put our trust in Jesus Christ, and treat Jesus as our King through prayer.



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