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Noah and The Power of Faith: Faith as Conviction

Tim Keller |  September 25, 1994

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Hebrews 11:1-7
RS 53-03

Hebrews 11:7

Faith starts with recognizing that there must be a God who made everything we see. But sometimes, people are too quick to dismiss Christianity or just think about it without letting its message change their lives. When we talk about having faith like Noah, it means more than just believing God exists. It means letting God’s message change the way we live.

1. Noah believed God

Noah didn’t just believe in God; he trusted God’s word more than he trusted what he could see with his own eyes. When God told him to build an ark, he did it. We can let our lives be shaped either by our personal hurts or by the life-changing story of Jesus’ sacrifice. If we focus on God’s promises and the things we can’t see, we can find freedom in His love and forgiveness. This idea applies to every part of life, showing the importance of following God’s instructions to avoid problems.

2. Noah condemned the world

Noah’s faith stood as a powerful message against the wrong things in the world. Without God, values and what’s right or wrong can change based on people’s opinions. But Christianity gives us a way to critique the world and also provides things like moral strength and forgiveness. The strength to stand against the world only comes from faith, and if we don’t condemn the wrong, it might mean we’re not using the resources faith gives us.

3. Noah hid in the ark

Unlike other religions, Christianity teaches us that we can’t earn our righteousness; it’s a gift we receive by having faith in Christ. Our salvation comes only through Jesus Christ, who took the punishment for our sins. This shows us that God’s love and justice work together. We’re encouraged to believe in God, confront the desires of the world, and find shelter in Jesus Christ, which brings peace in the middle of life’s difficulties.



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