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Peace in Church and Heart

Tim Keller |  August 20, 1995

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  • Anxiety
  • Prayer & Meditation
Philippians 4:1-9
RS 62-12

Philippians 4:1–9

Paul’s teachings suggest that we need strong inner character to handle the chaos around us. His life showed that having this inner strength is vital for keeping our faith steady in a spiritually unstable world.

1. Paul gives a basic rule for staying steady

Big truths, not just handy tips, are what we need to handle stress and pressure. This is different from self-help advice we often hear. Life is short and we all crave something eternal. This shows us that even small problems should be thought about in a spiritual context. Peace and stability come from looking for answers to life’s big questions, like those asked by Jesus.

2. Paul gives a three-step way to use this rule

Paul suggests three important disciplines for handling life’s tough times: prayer, moderation, and knowing God’s presence. Prayer is a way to talk to God and thank him. Moderation is about adapting to what life throws at you with God’s help. Knowing God’s presence lets us feel His peace, trust His plan, and find joy and steadiness even in hard times.



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