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Praying for Glory

Tim Keller |  November 3, 1991

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  • Glorification
  • Prayer & Meditation
John 14:12-15
RS 11-48

Understanding John 14:12–15

In John 14:12-15, Jesus talks about the importance and power of prayer. He tells us that if we believe in him, our prayers will lead to great things that honor God. He also reminds us that following his teachings is a way of showing our love for him. According to the Bible, prayer—rather than meditation or other ways—is the best method to find peace and to feel closer to God, especially when life gets tough.

1. The power

In John 14, Jesus gives us confidence that if our prayers are in line with His plans, they will be answered. As He ascends to heaven to fight against evil and suffering, our prayers become the channel for His divine power to be seen in the world. But, it’s important to understand how prayer works. If we don’t, we might feel disappointed when we don’t see its power at work in our lives.

2. What’s the purpose of prayer according to Jesus?

Prayer isn’t a tool to get what we want. Instead, it’s a way to honor God and make Him the most important part of our lives. When we focus on glorifying God in our prayers, we begin to see things differently. This change in perspective helps us pray with confidence and trust in His support. Praying in this way also cleanses our hearts from selfish wants and gives us a fresh way to connect with God.

3. What’s the condition for prayer?

When we pray in Jesus’ name, prayer becomes a force that changes us before it changes the world. We need to admit our need for Jesus’ righteousness and align our wants with His, believing that God knows what’s best for us. Sometimes, our prayers seem to go unanswered. When this happens, we can either trust in God’s love and provision, or we can start doubting His intentions.




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