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Principles of Christian Growth

Tim Keller |  December 5, 1993

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  • Discipleship and Spiritual Growth
  • Christian Living and Obedience
1 Peter 1:22 - 2:3
RS 250-13

1 Peter 1:22–2:3

Peter talks about love, emphasizing how it takes a special kind of strength to truly care for others. He repeats the connection between tapping into God’s power and showing love. He also reminds us that being a Christian means constantly growing and changing, not just staying the same. This makes us ask questions about why, how and what we should grow into as Christians.

1. Why should we grow?

Being a Christian means always learning and growing. It isn’t about being the smartest or the most successful. God gives everyone gifts to make the world better, no matter who they are. Just because someone is smart or successful doesn’t mean they’re automatically mature Christians. Sometimes Christians act like kids, being selfish, easily fooled, and emotionally unstable. This shows why it’s important to grow in wisdom and maturity as a Christian.

2. What should we be growing into?

As Christians, we should aim to become more like Jesus, who is the ultimate example of goodness and beauty. It’s not just about following rules, but about changing from the inside out. This change creates a new spiritual self in us, thanks to God’s nature within us.

3. How do we grow?

There are three key ideas for how to grow spiritually: acceptance, theism, and pantheism. But the Christian faith specifically emphasizes having a clear sense of right and wrong outside of ourselves. We grow by studying and living out God’s Word, building relationships with others, and recognizing God’s grace instead of just our own good actions. We also need to look at ourselves honestly, listen to others’ feedback, and make changes in response to God’s love for us.



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