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Public Faith

Tim Keller |  March 13, 2016

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John 4:27-42
RS 365-03

Sermon Summary

The concept of “Public Faith” is crucial in our ministry in the city, as it is a key aspect of our vision to build a great city for all people through the gospel. The aim is to not only equip individuals to publicly identify as Christians but also to welcome those who find Christianity implausible. The testimony of the Samaritan woman in John 4, her method of testifying, and the power behind her testimony, all serve as a guide to comprehending this concept.

1. What did she testify to?

The term “testify” in Greek signifies the act of authenticating a crucial fact, much like a witness in a court case. The Samaritan woman’s testimony about Jesus is both personal and universal; she shares her transformative encounter with Him, spotlighting His disregard for societal norms and His offer of salvation to all, not just the morally upright or successful. Furthermore, she affirms that Jesus is the world’s Savior, simultaneously affirming and challenging her cultural beliefs, and testifies to His transformative power and grace.

2. How did she testify to it?

The sharing of faith, characterized by transparency, simplicity, and bravery, is a personal journey that accentuates the centrality of Jesus in one’s life. The narrative of Jesus meeting a woman at a well brings to light the courage to testify truth despite potential ridicule, countering the notion that such sharing is narrow-minded. It’s essential to approach differing perspectives with respect and love, making truth claims humbly, while acknowledging the potential exclusivity of rejecting binaries.

3. How is she enabled to testify?

Jesus’ interaction with the Samaritan woman demonstrates the profound beauty of unconditional love and complete acceptance, even in the face of her past and present circumstances. Her transformation leads her to abandon her old ways and spread the good news, exemplifying the humbling and empowering nature of salvation by grace. As believers, we are urged to act as conduits of God’s living water, disseminating the gospel and witnessing the transformative power of grace in changing lives.



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