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Put Out Into Deep Water

Tim Keller |  January 15, 1995

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  • Understanding the Gospel
Luke 5:1-11
RS 56-5

Luke 5:1–11; John 21:1–12

Jesus’ amazing catch of fish, which happened twice, tells us how important it is to do as He says, even if it doesn’t make sense to us. The specific details in the story, like the number of fish and how far the boat was from the shore, make it seem like someone was actually there to see it and it’s not just a made-up story. The main point of the miracle is to show us that we should follow Jesus’ commands simply because He says so, not because it fits in with what we want or think.

1. It’s the same problem

The disciples not catching any fish is like a picture of what life is like for all of us. It shows that we can’t do everything on our own and that sometimes, despite trying our best, we still come up short. This can be a hard truth to accept, but it’s meant to remind us that we need God’s help. We’re invited to trust in God’s wisdom and care for us, instead of just relying on ourselves.

2. It’s the same response by Jesus

Jesus tells his disciples to do what he says, even if it doesn’t make sense to them. They have to decide whether to just do as he says or question and resist him. Jesus wants them to choose the first option, not because it makes sense or there’s proof, but because he said so. This is still important for us today. We’re asked to trust and follow Jesus simply because he knows what’s best.

3. The same miracle happens

The huge catch of fish is a powerful reminder of God’s control and provision. It’s a call to wonder at the many blessings God gives, showing His faithfulness and ability to do more than we expect. This event encourages us to trust in God’s provision, recognizing Him as the source of all good things.

4. In both cases, Simon Peter has a very strong reaction

Seeing the miracles Jesus did, Simon Peter came to a deep understanding of Jesus’s holiness and what Christianity is all about. The idea that being close to God is always comforting is challenged. Instead, it can sometimes lead to struggle and discomfort, like Jacob wrestling in the Bible. The need to understand the gospel, depend on Jesus’s sacrifice, and keep reminding ourselves of God’s grace and forgiveness is highlighted. This might reveal our true selves and make us feel both amazed and scared.



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