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Receiving the Fullness (Part 3)

Tim Keller |  September 20, 1992

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  • The Holy Spirit
  • Christian Living and Obedience
  • Salvation
Ephesians 1:13, 14
RS 237-15

Ephesians 1:13–14

When we become Christians, we are joined with Christ and marked by the Holy Spirit. This Holy Spirit is not just an idea; it’s a real presence in our lives. It assures us of our place in God’s family, empowers us to live as Christians, and promises us future salvation.

1. To make you know the Father loves you

The Holy Spirit lives within us and helps us to see God as a loving Father, not just a powerful authority. It shows us how deeply God loves us. This understanding changes how we view our relationship with Him.

2. To give you a vision of Christ

Jesus explained that the Holy Spirit’s job is to highlight His importance and greatness, bringing us comfort and certainty in challenging times. The Spirit makes the truths of the Bible come alive, giving us a clear view of Christ and a deeper understanding of God’s love. To fully experience the Spirit, we should read, think about, and discuss topics like God’s love and Jesus’ work, asking the Spirit to make these truths real and vibrant for us.

3. To change your character so it is like Christ

Knowing and experiencing God’s love and Jesus’ importance changes who we are, a change that the Holy Spirit makes visible. The Spirit, also known as a seal and down payment, reminds us of God’s promises and assures us of our place in His family. This idea of being redeemed means being freed from sin and being changed, which challenges the idea that our bodies are bad and shows the connection between our earthly and heavenly bodies.



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