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Relying on the Law

Tim Keller |  December 14, 1997

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  • Doctrine
Galatians 3:1-14
RS 288-12


All of our personal problems and practical problems are really theological ones. Most theological problems are really practical problems, because theology affects the way you live. Today we’re going to look at one huge problem. There’s a theological way to put it, and there’s a more practical way to put it.

The theological problem is this: when you are saved, how do you move beyond being accepted by God as righteous to actually living a righteous life? This is a move from imputed righteousness to imparted righteousness. The more practical way is fairly simple. When you become a Christian, you realize you’re forgiven and that God loves you, but you may continue to see sins in your life that continue to pop up. How do you move beyond that? How do you actually grow in the faith and become more like Christ? Paul gives us a radical answer: the way you enter the Christian faith is exactly the same way you advance in the Christian faith. We’re going to dig deeper and look at this in more detail in today’s sermon.

Galatians 3:1–10

When we dive into deep questions about our faith, we often find they affect our daily lives. One of these challenges is moving from being declared good by God to actually living a good life. The book of Galatians offers a powerful answer, saying that the way we enter the Christian faith is the same way we grow in it. It’s important to recognize that becoming a Christian means trusting in God’s promise to make the world right again through one of Abraham’s descendants. This trust must move beyond just knowing about it in our heads to deeply believing it in our hearts, always depending on faith in Jesus Christ rather than trying to earn our salvation by doing good things or strictly following religious rules.



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