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Revival on Broadway

Tim Keller |  July 22, 1990

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  • The Holy Spirit
Acts 4:23-35
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Acts 4:23–31

The church has gone through different periods of growth and revival, usually brought on by challenges and a deep desire to find God. These revivals, like those in New England, New Brunswick, London, and Korea, brought new converts and growth, showing how God’s presence changes people and communities. Revival is a deep work of the Holy Spirit which we can’t create or control ourselves. Miracles might not always happen, but the belief in the gospel and the healing of community relationships are crucial.

1. There’s an outpouring of the Spirit on believers

When we experience God’s presence in a deep and real way, it changes our relationship with Him and with the church. This change improves our character and makes our words about God more powerful. It starts with a deep awareness of our sins, which leads to a profound appreciation and joy in God’s grace and love. Through this grace, we learn to fear God in a good way, and also find comfort from our fears.

2. As a result of the outpouring of the Spirit, the people of the world are attracted to and sought out by believers

God’s presence in our lives draws people who are searching for truth, pulling them towards a community of believers who are growing in their faith. As our faith deepens, we feel a strong desire to reach out to others and share God’s love with them, just like Jesus did. This growth in faith naturally leads to more people becoming followers of Jesus, showing that growth in numbers and growth in faith go hand in hand.

3. There is an impact on the community and even the society surrounding the church

When individuals truly change, it can also change society. The spread of the gospel, like during the Great Awakening in England and America, has led to big changes in society, including the start of colleges, hospitals, and orphanages, and improvements in economy, social relationships, art, politics, and thinking. For a church to make a lasting difference, it needs to be part of this revival, approaching it with humility and hope, while recognizing our dependence on God.



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