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Tim Keller |  October 29, 1995

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  • Stewardship, Generosity and Money
Acts 4:23-35
RS 63-08

Acts 4:23–35

Acts 4:23-35 tells the story of early Christians who showed great bravery even when they were threatened. Their experience with God changed them. They started out being scared by tough situations, but they ended up changing the world around them. It’s a guide for how we can become unshakeable in our faith and make a positive difference in the world.

1. These believers were badly shaken

When Christians face threats or realize that things in the world aren’t forever, they often pray for the strength to rise above these situations. History reminds us that we can’t stop society from falling apart, showing us how short life is and how pointless it is to blame other things. We should focus more on God’s everlasting words and His constant love. Our faith in God and reliance on the Holy Spirit are key in overcoming challenges.

2. A manifestation of the presence of God

God’s presence is often shown through earthquakes, highlighting His immense power and control over everything. The idea of a squirrel on thin ice shows how small and insignificant earthly things are compared to God. Real Christians, who are grounded in God’s grace, learn to see what truly matters in life. They develop a personal relationship with God, and their faith becomes unshakeable, even when God disrupts their lives. The earthquakes when Jesus was crucified show the deep effect of God’s justice and the life-changing power of His sacrifice. This reassures believers that their faith is unshakeable.

3. They no longer looked at their possession as if it belonged to them

Extreme generosity was a result of their bravery and disregard for their own safety. This was true for believers in both the Old and New Testament who gave freely to meet others’ needs. Money, which won’t last forever, becomes eternally valuable when it’s used to help people, support ministry, and grow God’s kingdom. Becoming involved with the poor and giving generously can help us overcome fear and feel free. This process involves recognizing our problems, remembering Jesus’ sacrifice, praying for courage, and living out these truths.



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