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Spiritual Warfare

Tim Keller |ย  August 30, 1998

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  • Spiritual Warfare
Ephesians 6:10-13
RS 302-13

Ephesians 6:10โ€“13

Ephesians 6 tells us to lean on God’s strength and put on His armor to stand against the devil’s tricks. Even though society might doubt the existence of an actual devil and question warlike metaphors, it’s important to be patient and open-minded. The Bible recognizes the widespread presence of evil and gives us a deeper understanding of it, along with guidance on how to fight against it.

1. Evil is more than we see

When Paul says, “we wrestle not only with flesh and blood,” he’s saying that evil is more than just human actions or natural events. In our culture, we often blame evil on things we think we can control, like societal structures or brain chemistry. However, the Bible reminds us that there’s a personal Devil and the concept of original sin, giving us a fuller picture of evil and encouraging us to rethink how we perceive and respond to it.

2. The complexity of evil

Evil is intricate and can often hide within good things, making it hard to recognize and deal with. The most harmful sins are often those we don’t see or acknowledge, which is why self-reflection and responsibility are crucial. We must resist the temptation of praise and power, which the Devil uses to his advantage, and avoid both denying evil and being overly obsessed with it. Instead, we should seek to understand and actively confront it.

3. What does the Bible say weโ€™re supposed to do to defeat evil?

The Bible gives us two key principles to overcome evil: humility, as shown by Jesus, and confidence, which comes from knowing we belong to Christ. Being strong in the Lord isn’t about trying to be as powerful as Satan, but about understanding and reflecting Jesus’ self-sacrificing strength. Remembering who we are in Christ and putting on God’s armor are essential for standing against evil. The Lord’s Supper serves as a reminder of Jesus’ love and righteousness.



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