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Thanks Be to God!

Tim Keller |  September 21, 2008

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Psalm 67:1-7
RS 204-5

Psalm 67:1–7

Church services are deeply rooted in the story of Jesus, focusing on themes of God, wrongdoings, Christ, and faith. It’s not just a show, it’s a deep, interactive experience. Every part of the service has a special meaning, and we’re all encouraged to engage and understand it. The service ends by sending us out into the world, armed with the knowledge of Jesus as our Savior and a mission to serve others with happiness, thankfulness, and joy.

1. Understanding our mission

God’s kindness, shown in Aaron’s blessing, fulfills our deepest wants and needs. God’s promise to Abraham makes it clear that blessings are meant to be shared. Being close to God gives us the energy to serve others selflessly, and if we keep all our blessings to ourselves, like the manna in the desert, they’ll spoil. Having too many blessings without helping others can make us indifferent and worried, so real fulfillment comes from serving others.

2. The nature of our mission

As Christians, we have three main tasks: to spread the truth of God’s Word and the message of salvation, to fight for fairness in a world full of sickness, poverty, and unfairness, and to help create a loving, united community. These actions not only show our faith but also attract others to the message of Jesus. This trio – sharing truth, seeking justice, and building community – is at the heart of our Christian duty.

3. The driving force of our mission

Joy and praise are key components of our Christian mission, which should come from a place of happiness and thankfulness, not duty. Jesus encourages us to find joy in our heavenly citizenship, given to us freely, rather than in our own skills or abilities. By truly understanding Jesus’s kindness and giving up our self-importance, our mission becomes more effective and respectful.

4. Comfort

Doing mission work might seem hard, especially when we don’t see immediate results. But our ultimate hope is in a future where a new heaven and earth exist and all the nations will praise God. The message of Jesus connects with our deepest longings, as shown in Tolkien’s fairy tales, promising fulfillment through Christ. This promise of a love that never ends, escape from death, and victory over evil can comfort and motivate us in our mission.



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