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The Advocate

Tim Keller |  March 6, 2005

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  • Doctrine
Hebrews 7:18-27
RS 181-05

Hebrews 7:18–27

Hebrews provides some deep advice for people who are struggling with life’s problems, making it clear how important it is to see Jesus as our Advocate. This isn’t just a church teaching, but a real-life survival tip. Let’s look at three main ideas: why we need an advocate, how Jesus fits that role perfectly, and how this can change our lives.

1. Why do we need an advocate?

The old religious rules weren’t able to make us perfect, but there’s a new hope with Jesus, who is described as a better priest. Jesus stands up for us, which is a new way of thinking that goes beyond just religious practices. This shows how much we need someone on our side and how crucial Jesus is as our Advocate, underlining the danger of trying to get through life’s problems without Him.

2. How is Jesus Christ the Advocate we need?

Jesus, being an eternal figure with an endless role as a priest, can completely save those who come to God through him, because he’s always standing up for them. The word “intercede” means having someone who speaks up for you, and in Christianity, that person is Jesus. He calls for justice, not mercy, because he’s already paid for our mistakes. So being a Christian means being ‘in Christ’, trusting in God’s fairness and justice, rather than just using Jesus as a model or helper.

3. What difference will it make in your life if you receive him as such?

Being a Christian is more than just being forgiven, it’s about being seen as valuable and beautiful by God. Recognizing Jesus as our Advocate does more than remove guilt and disappointment, it brings joy and bravery into our lives. The story of Stephen in the book of Acts shows us the power of Jesus’ advocacy, encouraging us to live out the truths we’ve learned and follow Jesus’ example.



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