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The Amazing End of History

Tim Keller |  February 13, 2000

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  • Hope
  • Salvation
Revelation 21:1-6; 22:1-5
RS 108-13

Revelation 21:1–6; 22:1–5

The final chapters of the Bible in the book of Revelation give us a colorful and symbolic view of the end of the world. It uses images like a city dressed up and a lamb ruling over all, to show us that the future holds a powerful and real hope that can change how we live today. It also reminds us what this hope is like and how we can find it.

1. We all need a real hope

People often think Revelation is a mysterious book, but actually, it was a message from John to a group of Christians who were about to face severe suffering. He told them that what we believe about the future shapes how we act today. He gave them a real hope, a way of viewing the future that gave purpose to their struggles. It’s like two people doing the same job for different pay – what we hope for changes how we view and respond to what’s happening now.

2. Real hope is possible

John wrote his book for a group of Christians who were going through tough times, but they didn’t give up. Their hope, even when facing death, changed the world. They took care of the sick and prayed for the people who were hurting them. This same hope can give us strength and courage when we face difficult times too.

3. What real hope is like

Christian hope is a bit like living in between – it sees the world as it is, broken, but looks forward to a better future under Jesus’s rule. It’s not too pessimistic or too optimistic, but a balanced view that finds peace and healing in trusting God’s plan. The future for Christians is a world made new, where they get to help solve problems and experience a deep love that overcomes biases and self-centeredness, making a real difference.

4. How to find real hope

The hope of salvation is a gift, not a prize. It’s for those who realize they need Jesus and accept his sacrifice. This hope prepares us for anything, but often we struggle to hold onto it, wavering between skepticism and gullibility because we put our hope in the wrong things. Being a Christian isn’t about being nice, it’s about recognizing our deep spiritual need and finding the hope that only Jesus can give.



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