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The Centrality of the Gospel

Tim Keller |  February 28, 2016

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Galatians 2:11-21
RS 365-01

Sermon Summary

The confrontation between apostles Paul and Peter in Antioch accentuates the hypocrisy of Peter’s fear-driven separation from the Gentiles. Paul’s main point is on justification through faith in Jesus Christ, not by works of the law, asserting that believers are crucified with Christ and live by faith in the Son of God. The upcoming Rise Campaign will unfold a vision for ministry in the city, exploring core values and the overarching vision, focusing on the gospel’s centrality and its transformative power in believers’ lives.

1. The heart of the gospel

Galatians emphasizes that justification with God is achieved through faith in Jesus Christ, not by adhering to religious laws. It spotlights the contrast between obeying to earn God’s acceptance and obeying because of acceptance through Christ. The gospel, as a belief that faith in Christ leads to salvation and life transformation, necessitates a profound comprehension for genuine life change.

2. The sensuality of the gospel

The exploration of ceremonial law in the early Christian community, particularly Peter’s struggle to dine with Gentiles, accentuates the fulfillment of Old Testament laws by Jesus and the equal acceptance of all believers. The gospel’s breadth and depth are illuminated, encouraging believers to allow it to shape their worldview and interactions with others. The condemnation of racism and the pursuit of validation reiterate the gospel’s message that true worth and value are found within it, stressing the necessity of a transformed heart and steadfast belief over mere moral reformation or adherence to biblical principles.

3. The power of the gospel

The Christian life is paradoxical; upon accepting Christ, our old selves vanish and our worth is seen solely through Jesus. This transformation, fueled by gratitude and joy, changes our hearts, identities, and attitudes, as exemplified by the Methodists’ breakthrough upon truly grasping the gospel. The hope is for this gospel to permeate every aspect of our lives and be shared with others in a gracious, humble, and respectful manner.



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