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The Cosmic Spirit

Tim Keller |  September 12, 2010

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  • The Holy Spirit
Romans 8:17-25
RS 323-11

Romans 8:15–27

The Holy Spirit does more than just call us to be Christians, make us new persons, and enable us to live a godly life. It also assures us that we’re God’s children, which means we’ll share in all the good things God has planned for His Son, Jesus. The Spirit also helps us when we’re struggling, praying for us when we can’t find the words. This understanding gives us hope and patience as we look forward to God’s promises that we can’t yet see.

1. What the Spirit will do for us in the future

Romans 8 talks about the complex topic of salvation, focusing on being made right with God, being made perfect, and being set free from sin. It points out that even though Christians are forgiven, we still have struggles. But it gives us hope for a future where sin doesn’t affect us anymore, including a time when our bodies won’t die. The chapter also suggests that nature itself is waiting for this time of freedom, which will happen when humans are completely freed from sin and made perfect.

2. What the Spirit, therefore, can do for us in the present

The Holy Spirit is with us during life’s hard times, giving us comfort and sureness even in our darkest moments. As the first taste of the amazing things to come, the Spirit shows us a bit of what God is like, confirms that we are God’s children, and gives us peace and strength. Even when we can’t find the words to pray, the Spirit prays for us, showing deep concern for our pain and being with us all the time.

3. How we can let the Spirit do that in our lives

At the heart of being a Christian is hope, which is like a guaranteed future that influences how we see and deal with the present. Knowing that our bodies will be freed from death one day helps us face any situation with patience and grace. The story highlights Jesus’s own suffering, his understanding of our pain, and his promise to set us free. This hope impacts how we care for the environment, battle sickness and hunger, and face death with confidence.



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