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The Dangerous God

Tim Keller |  August 22, 1993

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  • Objections to Christianity
  • Doctrine
2 Peter 3:1-13
RS 43-8


It is no accident that the Bible often refers to judgment day as “the Day of the Lord.” We live our lives as if we are the lead actors in the drama of this world. Judgment day is the day when God is paramount. On that day, all people will step back and see the world being put right when God is placed at the center of all things.

2 Peter 3:1–13

The second letter from Peter talks about the importance of understanding the idea of judgment day, something that Jesus often spoke about. If you believe in Jesus’ teachings, you can’t ignore the idea of judgment day. This idea helps us better understand justice, encourages us to fight against unfairness, and reassures us that good will eventually win over evil.

1. What is judgment day?

Judgment day can be compared to personal big days like weddings or anniversaries, where the focus is on the person being celebrated. If we only think about ourselves, we can miss the real joy and fulfillment in life. This reminds us of the importance of making Jesus the center of our lives. When we live each day for God, we can grow and discover our real purpose.

2. Why do some people not believe in judgment day?

Some people doubt the idea of Jesus’ return and judgment day. But if you don’t believe this, it might mean you’re also struggling with the idea of creation. It’s important to be consistent in what we believe, and accepting judgment day makes more sense than not accepting it. The key to understanding God’s point of view is being humble and repentant, because these are the things that will matter on judgment day, no matter how good or bad you are.

3. How does believing in judgment day affect us?

When God tells us about judgment day, it’s not to scare us or make us guess about the future. Instead, it’s meant to change us. Believing in judgment day can give us confidence and help us forgive others. It reminds us that our problems are only temporary and that it’s God’s job, not ours, to judge. This idea also encourages us to live good lives, to keep a clear conscience, and to live each day as if it could be our last.

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