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The Dangerous Life

Tim Keller |  August 15, 1993

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  • The Bible
2 Peter 2:1-9
RS 43-7

2 Peter 2:1–9

2 Peter is like a guidebook, warning us about the dangers in the world and the wrong things in our hearts. It talks a lot about ‘heresies’, or wrong ideas about God and the universe. Understanding these wrong ideas is important for understanding life.

1. Wrong ideas exist

Wrong ideas about God and truth are always around us. According to the Bible, there are truths about the universe that we need to discover and follow. The idea that truth is just what society decides it is doesn’t really make sense and doesn’t give us a solid foundation for life. Even though this idea is popular now, I believe we will eventually return to recognizing wrong ideas and seeking absolute truth.

2. Wrong ideas harm us

These wrong ideas, or heresies, can really mess up our lives. They affect how we feel, what we do, and what we think is important. Whether we believe in God or not, our beliefs guide our lives and can have big consequences. That’s why it’s so important to make sure our beliefs line up with the truth, because wrong ideas can twist our lives in harmful ways.

3. Holding onto truth

The ultimate truth that Christianity talks about is important for daily life, even though it’s often challenged by wrong ideas and difficult situations. This truth isn’t just a bunch of rules, but a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. If we stray from this truth, it’s like we’re betraying Jesus. That’s why it’s so important to remember Jesus’ sacrifice, have faith, and let Christian truth guide our actions and beliefs. Avoiding wrong ideas and immoral actions is key, and we should try to live like Jesus did.


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