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The Disciple and the Bible

Tim Keller |  October 30, 2016

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John 13:18-24
RS 371-01


The Disciple and the Bible – Video Preview

Sermon Summary

Delving into John 13-17 discloses Jesus’ ultimate teachings to His disciples prior to His death, readying them to stand for Him in the world. The narrative illuminates Judas’ betrayal, showing Jesus’ profound comprehension of His disciples’ hearts. The significance of Scripture is stressed, portrayed as a beacon through hardship, a fulfiller of prophecy, and a transformative narrative.

1. Scripture as comprehensive authority

Jesus relied on Scripture as His paramount authority and sanctuary during trials, living as a human reliant on God and aligning His life with the teachings of the Bible. He considered every word of the Bible as divinely inspired, equating Scripture’s words with God’s words, and did not differentiate between parts of the Bible, but viewed His life in its entirety through the prism of Scripture. Dismissing the Bible’s authority equates to repudiating Jesus, as the authority of both are inseparably intertwined.

2. Scripture as prophecy

Jesus underscores that the Old Testament, often seen as a simple compilation of stories and rules, is in reality a prophecy about Him. He is the embodiment of all the biblical figures, indicating that salvation is a gift of grace, not a consequence of our own exertions. Interpreting the Bible with this clarity transforms it into a life-altering narrative and a reservoir of strength during adversity.

3. Scripture as a lifeline in adversity

Jesus Christ’s capacity to bear suffering was grounded in His extensive immersion in Scripture, which molded His thoughts, desires, and feelings. Even in His bleakest moments, He found comfort in the words of the Bible. It’s pivotal for us to follow His lead, using Scripture as our guiding authority and wellspring of strength in times of adversity, and having faith in God’s promises even when faced with challenges.



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