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The False Disciple

Tim Keller |  November 6, 2016

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John 13:21-30
RS 371-02


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Sermon Summary

The poignant narrative of Jesus’ conversation with Judas on the eve of His death is akin to a stark black and white noir film, spotlighting the lurking darkness and evil. Judas’ story is a powerful illustration of the Gospel’s universal challenge to all cultures, including the Western world. While forgiveness and grace may be difficult concepts for non-Western cultures, the Western world often grapples with accepting the biblical teachings on sin.

1. The nature and enormity of sin

The nature of sin is not merely a violation of moral law, but a relational betrayal that deeply wounds God. Sin’s enormity is comprehended when we recognize that it not only breaks God’s law, but also His heart, as we owe everything to Him. This perspective shifts how we perceive our own hearts and how we treat others.

2. The power of sin

Sin’s power lies in its ability to persist and hide within individuals, even those actively engaged in ministry, often remaining concealed until it’s too late. The progression of sin begins externally but can eventually dominate a person through their thoughts and actions, leading to a loss of control. The story of Judas Iscariot illustrates this, showing that even experiencing Jesus’s love and glory isn’t enough if one doesn’t truly surrender their heart to Him.

3. The only solution to sin

Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross provides us with a new identity, satisfying both God’s justice and love by punishing sin and offering unconditional love to believers. Our own efforts cannot overcome our problems; instead, we require the Holy Spirit’s renewal and total surrender to God. Jesus invites us to let his love transform our hearts, and through faith and repentance, his sacrifice can mitigate and erase the sin within us.



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