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The Final Temple

John Lin |  April 19, 2009

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  • Prophecy
Revelation 21:9-27
RS 312-11

Mark 11:1–18

Understanding Jesus’s character and the strength He carries can help us see how that strength can change us to become more like Him. The story of Jesus entering Jerusalem, cleaning out the temple, and the event with the fig tree show us what Jesus’s character and strength look like. These moments teach us about the life-changing strength Jesus gives to those who follow Him.

1. Who Jesus is

When Jesus entered Jerusalem, He rode on a donkey, not a warhorse. This showed a different kind of king, one who is both gentle and powerful. This fulfilled an old prophecy about a kind Messiah-king. It’s like the idea of Jesus being both a lion and a lamb, two things that usually don’t go together, but in Him, they do.

2. What Jesus gives

Jesus showed that everyone is welcome and that God’s house shouldn’t be a marketplace. This tells us that focusing too much on worldly things can make us forget about God. The temple and the high priest’s role in reaching the Holy of Holies show us how Jesus’s sacrifice can change us. It’s not about following religious rules, but about becoming genuine followers of Jesus.



The Final Temple

By John Lin

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