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The Finality of Jesus

Tim Keller |  January 5, 1997

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  • Salvation
  • Understanding the Gospel
Mark 2:23-3:6
RS 73-11

Mark 2:23–3:6

In Mark’s gospel, Jesus makes it clear that salvation is a gift of grace. This fresh idea can create division, just like it did when the Pharisees and Herodians planned against Him. Meeting the real Jesus can be both attractive and scary, which shows that understanding His nature can be challenging. It’s important to look into why Jesus’ message can be tough, who it affects, and what this means for us.

1. That Christ is challenging

To understand who Jesus really is, we can’t simply rely on what others say or what we think; we need to read the Bible. Meeting the Jesus from the Bible can be both fascinating and frightening, causing people to either fully accept or reject Christianity. Even though understanding Jesus and His teachings can cause disagreements, it can also bring us closer to Him than not caring at all.

2. To whom He is challenging

The Pharisees and Herodians, even with their differences, both found Jesus’ message hard to accept. The gospel’s call to stop living sinful lives and abusing power was especially hard for the Herodians, who worked under King Herod, a man known for his wrongdoings. Although King Herod was initially interested in the gospel, he eventually gave in to pressures from those around him, leading to the death of John the Baptist.

3. Why He is challenging

The Pharisees and Herodians resisted the gospel because it pointed out their sins and showed their need for a Savior. The gospel’s message to live by the Golden Rule goes against the common belief that if we follow the rules, God owes us a reward. This belief gives people a feeling of control and strengthens religious organizations. Jesus, on the other hand, presents Himself as the Sabbath, highlighting that the gospel is about resting in Him, not working for salvation. He invites us to follow a spiritual journey that might upset some but leads to a deeper understanding of the real enemy.



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